Duval County Inmate Search

Duval County, Florida is the home of Jacksonville and has the Atlantic Ocean in the East and follows Highway 10 West and cuts off before McClenney just above the Jennings State Forest. Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida with a population of 800,000 with Duval County having about 1.5 Million people total. This makes Jacksonville the main place you or someone you know will end up if you get arrested here.

You could get arrested for most anything from driving with no license to more serious crimes but the end result tends to be the same. You’ll go to the Duval County Jail or another nearby facility to be booked. You may stay there for a while while you wait to see a judge or you can bond out and await trial at home. If you get pulled over and booked on a Friday night, you will probably be spending the weekend in jail if you can’t bond out right away. If there’s alcohol involved, there might not even be a chance to use a phone for a day or so.

What Can A Duval County Inmate Search Do For Me?

A lot of people have misconceptions about inmate searches thinking they only work for people who are in a large prison serving a long sentence. Actually, these cover all types of facilities from a tiny county jail with just a handful of inmates to a huge Federal prison. This allows you to find any person in these facilities for any reason you like.

An Inmate search in Duval County can:

  • Help you reconnect with an old friend, family member or loved one
  • Locate someone you need to contact
  • Tell you an inmate’s release date
  • List an inmate’s charges
  • Allow you to send an inmate money
  • Allow you to send an inmate mail

It’s very difficult to have a loved one locked up so being able to send them money or mail is one of the most common reasons people will do an inmate search. If you live across the country, making a bunch of calls to Jacksonville without a lot of information might end up just being a frustrating experience that doesn’t get you many results. A Duval County inmate search can make this very easy on you.

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